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List of Dofollow Sites for Backlink Building and SEO

If you're a blogger, then you should learn about Dofollow links. Why? Because these links are part of your basic tools for Search Engine Optimization and would, therefore, push your blog's SERP Rankings.

But before we reach that area, let me give you some of my little treats. Thus, even if you still don't know much about Search Engine Optimization, you can still boost your blog's PageRank through this list of Dofollow Sites and Social Bookmarking Sites for backlink building and SEO.

List of Dofollow Sites

At Squidoo, you can easily place your dofollow links as comments. But if you want to earn some extra cash, you can join the Squidoo community and create your own Squidoo Lens.

Just like Squidoo, Hubpages will also let you post your links as comments. You can also join the site and create your own 'hubs' and earn through Amazon and AdSense.

Triond is a great writing community. Not only can you earn a decent amount of backlinks but you will also be getting a decent amount of traffic.

With Infobarrel, you can easily place your dofollow links as signatures. Thus, when you write an article, your dofollow link will also be exposed.

Of course, there a whole lot of dofollow sites out there. Thus, if you find one, remember to list them in your notepad or blogging memo. It is important that you make your own blogging memo so you can easily refer to your lists especially at times that you need them most.

And if you have noticed, the sites that I have given you are those that could allow you to earn. Well, that's even greater because you're going to hit two birds (or most likely three) in one stone. With the sites above, you can promote your blog through article marketing as you get to boost your blog's Search Engine Optimization.

And one more thing, you can visit this very useful Dofollow Directory called Dofollow.info.

"This post is part of my "SEO Blog Tips" blogging series and will therefore be updated along with my other posts for quality backlinks and Search Engine Optimization


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