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11 Cool iPad Stands and Docks to Stylize your Tablet

iPad is one of the most popular gadgets on the market, so does its accessories,
such as stand. we have been keeping collecting cool and beautiful iPad
stands since it was launched; and today, we will introduce you another
set of Cool iPad Stands and Docks just came around these days.
Go hands-free whenever you need to and stick around to tell us which
one is your favorite iPad Stand.

1. Running Water iPad and iPhone Stand

What a cool illusion! Designed by Japanese studio Nendo for Elecom,
Jaguchi (or faucet) is a unique line of stands for smartphones
and tablets. They're made of polycarbonate plastic with ABS
faucet parts and they come in blue, black, white, and clear.
Wouldn't you want your smartphone to be supported by something
as cool and "refreshing" as this?

2. Joby Gorilla Mobile Yogi for iPad

Flexible legs bend and curl into an infinite number of poses – stabilize
the iPad on your lap and any uneven surface, or hang from fixtures
Adjustable viewing angle and diverse camera perspectives -Position
your iPad to frame the perfect shot when taking photos, shooting
video or chatting on FaceTime Modular clip design – quick-release
clip with removable legs secures to the case in portrait or landscape
orientation.Legs can be stored separately to maximize case portability.
Materials: Durable polycarbonate case, high-quality ABS plastic legs and TPE grips

3. The Sommet Stand

The Sommet (pronounced soh-MAY) is an elegant desktop stand
for the iPad or iPad 2 that is not only highly functional,
but also a handmade work of art that is equally gorgeous on
your desk when your iPad isn't around.

4. JBL OnBeat loudspeaker dock

Dual Phoenix full-range transducers with computer-optimized
DSP equalization deliver legendaryJBL sound Docks with iPod,
iPhone and iPad with rotating dock connector to orient iPod and
iPhone screens in portrait or landscape mode for optimal viewing
Composite video output connects to TV for big-screen viewing
USB connects syncs and charges devices when connected to the
iTunes music library.

5. The Griffin Technology Loop

The Griffin Technology Loop is about 7.8 inches from front to back
and 5.9 inches wide. According to the manufacturers, the stand is: "a
clean, simple stand, weighted and shaped to hold your iPad upright
for viewing, or laid back for surfing and typing, in landscape or
portrait mode. Loop cradles your iPad in soft, cushioned inserts
to protect it from scratches and from unwanted movement while
you use it."

6. Belkin Flip Blade for Apple iPad

Use your iPad anywhere with the stand that transforms from
small and portable to safe and supportive at the push of a button.
Holds your iPad in either landscape or portrait view.
Durable material provides a firm base for your device that
won't weigh down your bag or backpack.

7. Joby GorillaMobile Ori for iPad 2
Adaptable display height for optimal ergonomics - Position your iPad
screen for comfort, whether you?re watching videos, reading, typing
or chatting with a friend by FaceTime Continuous hinge for adjustable
viewing angle and diverse camera perspectives.Simply tilt the screen
maximize visibility or frame the perfect shot Quick swivel to pivot
orientation – rotate seamlessly between landscape and portrait
views And polypropylene composite for extreme durability and
stability, while maintaining a thin and lightweight profile.Sleek
protective folio case with microfiber screen cover – magnetic
sensor wakes and sleeps iPad automatically when cover is
opened and closed.


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