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How to look feminine and a little flirty

How to look feminine and a little flirty
If you’re a working girl trapped in those dull and repetitive office uniforms five days a week or perhaps more, it would be so much of relief to once again feel like a girl in some feminine clothes.

You need clothes that not only accentuates you’re being a woman; they also naturally create in you a sense of flirt. Being flirty does not have to connote negativity, as I have said many times; it is merely an expression for a girly and attractive look.
Some fashion experts claim that you shouldn’t wear polka dots once you’re past six years old. But that anyway, is only their opinion. Take a look at this Polka Dot Pattern Dress from Haru. I don’t say that everyone would look good in it but if you’re a type that can pull off just anything, then this polka dress can serve you best. Its sleeves are puff and its cut is in every inch girly.

First of all, I love navy color. Second, I love clothes that can be worn in many ways. This First Crush Dress in navy color is no wonder a best seller. Not only can you wear it as a dress that is feminine and smart, you can also wear it as a tunic. Most of all, I love anything mini.

How to look feminine and a little flirtyThe soft striped knit tunic cut in an A-line silhouette dress is from Urban Outfitters. It's rounded Peter Pan collar is a reminiscence of your elementary days giving you that youthful and playful aura as of elementary girls. While the navy and white stripes speak of maturity, the mini length of the dress speaks for your flirty side.

Another lovely dress from Urban Outfitters, Kimchi & Blue Tulle Dress is on sale. From £45.00, you can now crown yourself a prom queen for only £21.99. Its belt, frill trim and open neckline all made this dress ultra girly.
How to look feminine and a little flirtyHow to look feminine and a little flirty

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