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Reema Finally Told About Her Love

After over two decades in the spotlight,Reema still comes across queries as mundane as “when will you get married?”However,she answers them with enthusiasm of a giddy teen.

Dressed in a white outfit as she frequently adjusts her bangs and tosses her hair with carefully placed extenstions,it’s hard to imagine that she has been around for over 22 years,leaving one wondering if she has been under the knife.But more than the looks, it is effort she has made to move on from being a starlet to a marketabel celebrity she is her best publicist.
Debuting in Bulandi and going on to work in hundreds of Lollywood productions,Reema reinvented her image and can now be seen sitting pretty while hosting a chat show on television.The case with which she gives advice on life,she can easily be considered as Pakistani’s answer to Dr Phill.


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