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How to Use Google Docs for Your Documents and Presentations

Google Docs is a free-to-use browser-based office suite. It can be
used to create a variety of files such as documents, drawings, forms,
spreadsheets and presentations. Its applications are quite similar to
Microsoft's MS Office as well as to Apache Software's
OpenOffice Suite.

Google Docs

But unlike the MS Office and OpenOffice, Google Docs can be used
inside a browser and would require the use of internet connection.
Google Docs can be used for back-up, online file viewing and online
content creation. Apart from this, Google also announced the
upcoming release of Google Docs' Offline Mode. The said service
can also be synced to MS Office via Google Cloud Connect.

To use Google Docs, one must go to docs.google.com. After
which, he or she must choose among the suite's supported file
formats. Files can be shared as email attachments and they
can also be sorted into folders or collections.

But what I like most about Google Docs is the fact that I can
easily create my spreadsheets and forms. I don't need to install
any kind of software and I can easily access my files on any
device with web connection.

On the other hand, the video below will take you to the actual user
interface of Google Docs. You will be oriented with the basic
controls as you get to familiarize yourself with the essential applications

Tutorial credits to AnsonAlex.com.


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