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How to Assign Multiple Usernames to Your Facebook Account

It was almost impossible to remember the long Facebook profile URLs before 2009, Thank God Facebook introduced Usernames which made people able to shorten their Facebook profile address with any desired nickname. Now, every Facebook user can easy get a username for his/her profile. Facebook allows only one username per profile however you can assign multiple (more than one) usernames to your Facebook account. Here are few examples of Multiple Usernames created by people.

Facebook Multiple Username Examples

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is using multiple usernames for his personal Facebook profile

Yeah i know he is founder so he can assign as many usernames as he want. However i, being a simple Facebook user am also using multiple nicknames for my Facebook profile.

How to Assign Multiple Usernames to Your Single Facebook Account ?

(edited) I decided to keep this trick private as publishing this trick it permanently may cause negative results to Facebook servers and they may disable this trick. I have decided to share it via email with people leaving comments here.

So, Leave Comment with your Email address here -- i will send the trick via email.


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