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Emo Hair Care Tips for emo girls

The emo hair subculture is extremely cool, it’s only natural that you are trying to get the look. Everyone knows good hair is emo’s true strength. This article will provide you the norms and basics of emo hair.
Steps for a good Emo Hair Styles
1. Let grow your hair long enaugh so that the side parts and front cover a vast portion of your face is advised. Some people do grow out the back. If your hair is short in the back, you can spike it up with gel, but this looks tacky if it gets too long. Have it cut around the ears, and keep the back and front in a ‘blended crop’ cut, otherwise here comes the tacky again. Also, don’t have too long of an ‘emo fringe’, or you look like a poser. If you are a girl make sure to trim your fringe reguarly and make sure it is longer to past your nose but don’t let it past the bottom of your face.
2. Layering of your hair. Develop lots of long choppy layers of an about half way down your hair, and lots of short choppy layers the rest of the way up. Make sure you spike it up a little toward the front, but not all the way up.
3. Occasionally Razor your “emo” hair. Don’t use a simple safety razor (the kind commonly used by most men to shave their face or legs by women.) Instead, use a straight razor comb or a razor. It keeps the cut fresh without the risk of messing it up badly.

4. Straighten your “emo” hair, either with a gel or hair straightener. If you straighten your hair often, then use heat defence sprays and shampoos to keep your hair healthy. If your hair is wavy just try using hair gel to keep it down! Remember that emos can have curly hair, it can be unique so, try it out!
5. Dye your hair blonde, brown, or black. Not all emos have short black hair (although that screams emo). Try to make it unique by adding random streaks of colors like blonde, blue, pink, or green. Don’t forget to bleach the hair before using colors, or it won’t blend. Be original. If your parents are strict, get semi dye or coloured extentions.
6. Accessorize your hair. Girly bows are the best! Add them randomly to your hair. Also use wicked hair clips with spiders or bats! Remember not to go overboard and to add accessories gradually or you will look like very stupid and also a poser.

7. Dont just over do it, take care of your emo hair, and make sure you dont just go into school one day with “emo” hair or you will be called stupid or a poser. Start with it cut, then accessories a couple of weeks later, then another couple of weeks later get colour.

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