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Make Money Online Writing Unique Articles

If you have a flair for writing then you can make money online doing the job you love. There are two ways to do this. The first is that you can become a freelancer by providing services to the business people or to article publishing websites. The second is you can write for yourself and become a blogger. You can do both too. Write for other people as well as yourself and make twice the amount of money. Let us discuss both in detail.
Become a freelancer
Under this category you can make money in two ways. Firstly you can write articles for business people. Writers get hired and get paid by online business owners and marketers who require their service. Writers write good quality content for posting to the marketer’s website and to different article submission sites, e-books and blogs.
Secondly, you can make money by writing articles to various article publishing sites. These sites bring in more revenues than the former one. Good and informative quality content allows you to create big readership. The more the people like the things you write, the more traffic you are providing to that particular article publishing site. Not only it can earn you more revenues, but also it helps you become popular and giving you recognition. Readers will then follow every new article written by you.
Be a blogger – Write for yourself
Blogging has really recently become one of the most popular technological trends. There are almost 40,000 blogs started every day. Many of these blogs are owned by people who just want to share their thoughts with the world. But some blogs are created with a specific purpose that is to increase business. Blogs allow owners to effectively communicate with their customers on a more personal level. Before you begin blogging, you have to do your research to find good keyword phrases relating to your business. Try the free Google Keyword Tool for this purpose. Once you find the highly searched for keywords, you can then start writing your articles. Write your articles so that readers find them useful, interesting and informative. This is how you’re going to get them to visit your website repeatedly. Next, create a good resource or author bio for your article. Write a little bit about yourself and your business. Place a few hyperlinks for readers to click on that will take them directly to your business’s website or blog.
Some professional bloggers sometimes need people who can write articles for them to post on their blogs when they are busy promoting their own blog website. These writers are called ghostwriters. As the name suggests, they write articles as if they are the one who own the blog.

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