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Model Veena Malik calls off her engagement with Faisal Akbar Khan

Veena Malik is a famous Pakistani model and actress, she recently returned from India after performing in a famous Indian reality TV show “Bigg Boss”. The furor increased by performer Veena Malik’s manifestation in Bigg Boss and her scandal with a Hindu man “Ashmit Patel” looks like to have forced anchors and a number of newspaper columnists in the state into a kind of fury.
Veena has been criticized for non-Islamic behavior, for breaking cultural standards and for undertaking into India in the initial rest. As the “Bigg Boss” show she emerged in should add up as a particularly tedious part of stupidity which has been extensively condemned in India as well.

She decide to perform so of her will freely, upset no one as well by performing so, and certainly, anybody pursuing the actions was fairly free to just turn to a further channel or hold off from the internet moving content from the show. There is no cause why the entire subject should have stimulated such an ethical fury.

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