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Tips for Attracting Girls (or even women)

For most men, attracting the right woman is not a piece of cake. On the other hand, a few are fortunate enough to do so easily.Here are some tips for attracting the right woman and have their attentions to fall in love with you:

1. Determine what you really want in a woman
Most men just know that they want a woman in their life. But why the don’t know. What Girl see in boy and what qualities she should possess, what features she should have and what girls love about boys etc are all vague and unsure. Be specific about what you like, what kind of woman is your type of girl etc.

2. Do not settle for the first woman that comes your way
For simple reasons of fear, most women settle for the first woman that comes their way. Doing this will prevent you from ever finding the woman you truly want to be with. Look out for that special someone that you can connect with and live the life of your dreams.

3., Apply the laws of attraction
Men and Woman are total opposites when it comes to attraction. Men are attracted to women with good physical appearance while women look for men with good qualities and attributes.

4. Approach women without fear
Get over your fear of rejection or refusal when approaching a woman.

5. Be confident
Women are attracted to men who show confidence and attitude. Use positive and strong body language and be your true self without regard to what others may think of you.

6. Never convince a woman to like you
Never try to persuade a woman to like you. The reason is that because you can’t change the way a person feels. This might backfire on you in case you continue to convince.

7. Do not buy her expensive gifts to win her over
Instead of buying a woman expensive gifts, do small things that show that you care and take action, such as arranging a special evening for both of you etc. This gives out strong and clear signals to a woman that she is important for you, so much so that you can take the pain and effort to do little gestures of love for her.

8. Do not reveal your feelings too early
Revealing your feelings to a woman should only be done after you have had plenty of time to confirm a mutual attraction. Take it slowly and steadily one step at a time.

9. Never pretend about who you are
You are special and unique, which makes you completely different from everyone else. Do not sacrifice your authenticity by appearing someone you are not. Never pretend to be something you are not. Just be genuinely yourself.

10. it’s not all about good looks and money
Most women are much more attracted to a man’s personality more than anything else. A man’s personality based on confidence and integrity in character are attributes that act like magnets to draw women to you instantly.

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