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The Solar Storm In 2012 Would Destroy The Earth

British "New Scientist" Web site published the text that the sun will enter the event in 2012 the peak period, a year after millions of Americans are dead, the country's infrastructure will become a pile of rubble, all countries are struggling in this disaster.
"The United States warned scientists not an alarmist, but rather built on the basis of the conclusions of scientific research. Before 2012 is 22, Zhou Feng-year solar activity. However, we feel there is no panic necessary."
United Kingdom, "New Scientist" Web site published the text of the Earth in 2012 will be subjected to super solar storm.
"Earth in 2012 will meet with strong super solar storm, the damage will be far greater than 'Katrina' hurricane, and the face of the earth almost all of them will not be able to escape its devastating impact." Recently, the United Kingdom " New Scientist "Web site had such a" sensational "articles.

Wrote, September 22, 2012 at midnight, New York, Manhattan, will be covered over the colorful colorful screen together. Such as the southern region of New York, very few people able to see this extremely fascinating phenomenon of the aurora. After a few seconds, all in the region began to darken and a light bulb flickering and then suddenly in an instant the light increased, a bright light bulb has become abnormal. Subsequently, all the lights all went out. 90 seconds later, the eastern part of the entire United States will power. A year later, millions of Americans are dead, the country's infrastructure will become a heap of ruins. The World Bank announced that the United States will become a developing country. At the same time, Europe, China and Japan and other regions or countries and the United States have, in this disaster are struggling.

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