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Dattos - The Body as Information Platform

The Body as Information Platform

The concept of the Dattoo arose in response to current trends towards increasing connectivity and technology as self-expression. To realize a state of constant, seamless connectivity and computability required the convergence of technology and self. The body would need to literally become the interface. Computers and communication devices require physical space, surfaces, and energy. The idea of DNA tattoos (Dattoos) is to use the body itself as hardware and interaction platform, through the use of minimally-invasive, recyclable materials.

The Self Within Society

To achieve absolute personal identification, the hardware would capture DNA from the user's body, enabling direct participation in the political and cultural landscape. The technology would link remote users through engagement with their areas of interest. The system would be personalized not only by this DNA inclusion, but by a more standard procedure in which users choose the applications they carry. Content I/O - including tools like cameras, microphones and laser-loudspeakers - would be connected to "interface pods", then function as generic hardware. Dattoos are to be created on the body, in clothing, or via accessories, so they remain constantly with the user. Software would be "liquid," so that it looks as if the UI and content interaction are an extension of the bionic body.

Expressive Technology
All hardware would be created on demand and assembled via a special online design portal. Users view, test-drive, and select their product from a variety of options, both functional and aesthetic. They also set the lifecycle of the product, to be utilized for a few hours or a much longer amount of time. Once users are satisfied with their specific configurations, they have this fully-functioning circuitry - including all UI-interactive and display functions - "printed" onto recommended areas of their skin. Energy would be pulled from the human body to run the programs. At the end of the day, users would simply wash the Dattoos off, beginning anew the following day.

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