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6 Abs - Trends in Teens

In our modern day society people of all ages including both men and woman are setting goals to achieve the latest fitness trend, the “six pack”. No longer is this eye-catching body feature important to only weightlifters and athletes. The concept of obtaining six pack abs has grown substantially over the years thanks to several reasons but mainly in regards to self-satisfaction.
The majority of people with six pack abs were once dissatisfied with their body image hence the reason for wanting a change. This single change in your body can lead to an increased ego and overall confidence boost. Not only is your physical shape altered but your social life typically becomes more healthy as well.

Where did all the hype over six pack abs originate from? The most common place six pack ab craze comes from is the entertainment industry for one simple reason: becoming attractable. For example, many fitness enthusiasts look up to certain athletes who are well known for their defined body muscles, including the abdominal area.
Another section of entertainment which brings about a major craze in achieving six pack abs is modeling. Nearly every male and female model is equipped with solid, six pack abs. With these figures being role models to many teenagers you can now understand why their body image has become such a wanted attribute.
Now, think back to your latest trip to your local mall. While driving on the highway you probably noticed at least a few billboards with sexy models or athletes being displayed. As you walked past the apparel stores you more than likely saw numerous posters advertising their products with “fit” models, many who have six pack abs.
The magazine section in the bookstore is flooding your eyes with supermodels, weightlifters and athletes. Each of these put having six pack abs higher up on the pedestal, which makes it more popular among the public.
The young, middle-aged and even old look up to these figures and sometimes think, “If only I could have a body like that I would be more attractive”. Of course becoming more attractive isn’t the only reason behind getting six pack abs. Many simply try to keep a healthy body and by working out repetitively, they have achieved a toned abdominal area.
Another noticeable addition to the six pack ab craze is from summer vacations. Yes that’s right, the time of year to get in shape so you can impress others of your hard work while at the beach. This has given rise to the multitude of “Get six pack abs in 3 weeks” type e-books and diets.
Not only are men and women attracted toward six pack abs but children also! You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Really? A child having a six pack?”. At first it does seem unimaginable but it has become quite popular in recent years.
Younger people can develop their bodies just as adults but also risk complications due to their growing spurts. As for abdominal workouts, these are generally harmless as no strenuous activities such as bench pressing are involved.
As you can see, the hype and overall need for obtaining six pack abs has been on the rise for some time now. From the overload of entertainment figures to the increased satisfaction in your bodies image, it’s very clear that six pack abs are here to stay for quite some time.

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