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Formal Dresses for Girls

Formal dresses for girls should be such that the one wearing them feels comfortable, oozes confidence and looks stylish, all at the same time. Whether you are looking for formal pageant dresses or formal bridesmaid dresses or formal dresses for prom, the clothes that you opt for should be such that they highlight your best features while playing down the problem areas. So whatever gowns or dresses you opt for a formal occasion, choose the ones that suit your body type. Here are some tips on selecting formal dresses for girls which will suit their particular type of body frame.
Formal Dresses for Girls with Slim Body-typeWhile selecting formal gowns for girls with a slender figure, such dresses should be opted for which create an illusion of curves. Designers often create an illusion of curves by making such dresses which draw attention to the bust line. Sometimes the cloth is pleated near the bust or a bow is placed right above the bust to draw attention to it. Another way to create an illusion of curves is to draw attention to the waist line. This is done by supporting the dresses with broad belts or broad waist lines. Gowns or dresses for girls with a slim figure
should ideally be of light color or pastel shades as these colors add width to the body frame.
Formal Dresses for Girls with a Fuller Body-frame
Girls who are plump and have a somewhat fuller figure, should opt for such gowns or dresses which are almost covered from the top. Wearing dresses which show cleavage is a big no for a girl with a fuller figure. Also, such gowns which have decorations or embellishments at the hemlines should be selected as these draw attention away from the upper body. Read more on plus size formal dresses

Formal Dresses for Girls with a Pear-shaped BodyGirls with a pear shaped body, i.e. who have a large behind, have two choices when opting for formal dresses. If they are comfortable showing off their sexy behind, they can opt for such gowns which are figure hugging and highlight the curves of the body. However, if the woman is uncomfortable showing off her large back, she can opt for such gowns which are tight fitted from top with a free flowing long skirt below. Read more on cocktail dresses.

Formal Dresses for Girls with a Petite Body-frameGirls who are petite should always opt for such dresses which make them appear taller than they actually are. For this, dresses which are knee length or even shorter than that will fit the bill. Showing legs creates the illusion of length and hence will suit this body type. While choosing petite clothing colors, opt for typical feminine colors such as pinks and reds as they make a petite woman look very feminine and desirable.

Formal Dresses for Girls with an Apple-shaped BodyGirls with an apple shaped body type should wear high waist dresses, such as, empire fit dresses. These dresses make the waist of the woman appear smaller and also draw attention away from the the problem areas. An apple shaped body is heavier around the stomach so if the person has shapely legs, she can consider wearing such formal dresses which are short and show off her legs.

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